Dysfunctions of the Locomotor System. The Role of the Osteopathy and Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Soft Tissue

Redakcja: Marian Majchrzycki, Dorota Warzecha, Piotr Kocur
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Rok wydania: 2010
Wydanie: I
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 978-83-7597-107-1
Waga: 275 g
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Dysfunctions and limitations in mobility of soft tissues (muscles, fasciae) and joints of the spine as well as peripheral joints are among the most common problems affecting the locomotor system. Physiotherapists, manual therapists, osteopaths, rehabilitation physicians, orthopedists and other specialists are involved in the treatment process. In Poland there are not many journals or monographs on the subject of manual treatment of locomotor system dysfunctions. Therefore it is essential to fill this gap. 
This is the first issue of a series to be published by Poznań University of Medical Sciences. This issue was prepared in cooperation with the Department and Clinical Ward of Rehabilitation of Poznań University of Medical Sciences, the Kinesiotherapy Unit of the University School of Physical Education in Poznań, and the Wielkopolska Division of the Polish Rehabilitation Society. The authors of the articles introduce the role of osteopathy as a new field of medical sciences in Poland in rehabilitation of dysfunctions occurring within the spine, treatment of oncological patients, palliative care, and patients with lymphedemas. They also draw attention to body posture and dysfunctions occurring in cases of posture disorders. They present the current approach to treatment assessment and therapy of children with poor posture. The problem of lumbar spine instability is described. Various manual methods for treatment of patients with spine dysfunctions and after hip joint arthroplasty are presented. Apart from issues concerning treatment, attention is also paid to prophylaxis – prevention of the occurrence of dysfunction, and also maintaining the effects of the manual treatment, with the use of Nordic walking. 
In order to comply with the principles of evidence-based medicine, both this and the next issues will be reviewed by independent scientific research workers, specialists in a given field of medical sciences. Issue no. 1 – Dysfunctions of the Locomotor System – was reviewed by Prof. Dr. hab. Wanda Stryła, whom I would like to thank.

Marian Majchrzycki