Public Health – the biggest topics

Redakcja: Renata Adamek, Tomasz Maksymiuk
Publikacja niedostępna w wersji drukowanej
Rok wydania: 2016
Wydanie: I
Ilość stron: 238
Format: B5
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 978-83-7597-277-1

Public health is still growing discipline with a wide prevention and health promotion strategies. It covers all the populations. It starts in perinatal period and goes through the whole life development until life termination. Despite many political and contextual changes throughout the communities, countries and regions it is still the forum of public debate on health promotion, disease prevention, disease control and monitoring, quality of life, safety and health policy in general.
This review of the biggest topics of public health is this publication that makes the analysis of the growing trends in health of the populations. This book covers the list of emerging and growing topic of the public and scientific topics that might need to be either tackled by the authorities or by scientists to better understand the roots and to find appropriate actions in order the address these issues. The issues start with pregnancy complications for example coming from arterial hypertension affecting foetus and newborn. There are plenty of aspects of healthy habits in nutrition both in understanding the eating habits and nutritional patterns. These habits and patterns can have their roots in community such as family. That affects strongly the creation of the behaviours in children and adolescents that may occur in not adequate personal nutritional strategies in future life that may end up with serious consequences like increased body weight, obesity, worse quality of life due to diet-related diseases. Wide topic of well-being and quality of life is also tackled in the publication. There are several concepts discussed by the authors on how to improve the quality of life, how to assure the support in cancer patients, how to empower families in the patient care and their rights, how to deal with the growing number of certain diseases like for example schizophrenia, or more global outbreaks like infectious diseases. And how to deal with them regardless culture, gender, age of the people affected, disease and the treatment strategies. There is also one more question that appear when the debate on public health topics is open. How we can assure that we allocate right resources both in professionals in terms of qualification, know-how, availability and the financial costs.
These topics are widely discussed in this publication. With participation of authors from several institutes and countries offers an excellent update on many subjects of big topics public health.

Renata Adamek, Tomasz Maksymiuk