Pharmacology in a nutshell

Redakcja: Paweł Krząścik, Przemysław Mikołajczak
Publikacja niedostępna w wersji drukowanej
Rok wydania: 2017
Wydanie: I
Ilość stron: 230
Format: B5
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 978-83-941043-2-0
Waga: 380 g

From Introduction

The Script I hereby present to You was created to present basic pharmacological knowledge to medical universities students in an easy way. The Authors idea was to create a novel way to present those issues, different from that used up to date in pharmacology manuals.

Pharmacology is, without question, logical, and most information are closely connected with one another, as any action taken causes a certain reaction. That is why diagrams, arrows, "dialogue bubbles" and exclamation marks are used in so many chapters. Some chapters are written in a more traditional way, either because the subject is so simple there is no need to present it in form of graphics, or so complicated that we can not logically explain the drugs mechanism of action.

To adjust information presented in "Pharmacology in a nutshell" to those taught on different university courses the student is allowed — or even advised — to take notes inside the script!!! This way, "Pharmacology in a nutshell" will match she students individual needs.