The Many Faces of Being Old. Health and Socio-cultural Aspect of Ageing

Redakcja: Michał Musielak
Publikacja dostępna w sprzedaży w wersji drukowanej
Rok wydania: 2006
Wydanie: I
Ilość stron: 164
Format: B5
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 83-60187-42-8


It is with great pleasure that I introduce this publication, which is the result of cooperation between Polish and Scandinavian researchers. It is good to see that the exchange of ideas takes place not only in the lecture halls, upon student exchange programs or during the Annual Summer School meetings, but also through the written word. This book is a compilation of articles on aging.
The aim of the project was to present health and socio-cultural aspects of growing old encompassing therapeutic, historical, demographic, sociological, psychological, as well as ethical issues. The subject matter is vital if we take into account that the problem of "the graying down society" pertains to most industrialized nations, including Finland, Norway, and Poland. The authors, representing those countries, portray the situation of the elderly from the perspectives of physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, sociologists, ethicists, demographers, as well as health promoters and social workers. 
The articles making up this monography present an opportunity to learn about problems of the aged and elderly care programs undertaken both in the Scandinavian countries and in Poland. It is my hope that the material will serve as an inspiration for further research.