Emergency Life Support. Basic Level


Paperback: Softcover
39,95 zł

This book is addressed to everybody who wants to help people in emergency situation. The described help is first aid. Additionally two paragraphs are attached – one about AED (automated external defi brillator) and the other one about simple equipment which can be used to perform ventilation. If not added, the text describes everything about adults. The knowledge contained in this book relies on the Guidelines 2015 recommended by European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and American Heart Association (AHA). European and American
guidelines differ, so they are both contained in the tables – showing what to do in an emergency situation. People from Europe should rather rely on European guidelines while Americans on American guidelines. The authors’ idea was to describe what to do in an emergency situation very simply presenting a definition then pathophysiology (what is going on and why), recognition and first aid. To understand better the text, many figures are contained in the book. Hoping, that this book will help to possess the knowledge about first aid,


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