Male health. Contemporary issues

Redakcja: Michał Musielak , Jan Domaradzki , Dorota Hędzelek

Rok wydania: 2009
Wydanie: I
Format: B5
Oprawa: Miękka
ISBN: 978-83-7597-059-3
Liczba stron: 186
24,85 zł
From the Foreword

Family and health promotion issues are important for both E.U. policy and education. Moreover, deep political, social, demographical, economical and cultural changes in Western societies, such as globalization, health policy, aging of European societies, shift in sex roles, etc. brought about focus of current research on problems related to male health. This issue was undertaken by researchers from various countries during the 6th Summer School, entitled Family Health Promotion. Male Health. Summer School seminars took place at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland, 15-19 of September 2009.
It is a great pleasure to introduce this publication, which is the result of six year long cooperation between professors and researchers from Poland, Finland, Romania and Germany. Since 2003, when the first Summer School was organized by the Poznan University of Medical Sciences and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, School of Health and Social Studies in Finland this event toke place annually in Poznan or Jyväskylä. From the very beginning the Summer School project concentrated on the problems of family well-being and health promotion. That is why we chose Family Health Promotion, as the main topic for all Summer Schools, which soon became an "umbrella subject" for particular issues of each year`s meetings: Health Promotion – Multicultural Approach (2004), Health Promotion within the Elderly (2005), Well-being in the Family (2006), Culture and Health Promotion (2007) and Male Health (2008).
We hope that articles presented in this monography will be an opportunity for further reflexion and investigation in the field of gender studies, health promotion and family issues.

The Editors

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